The 10 Commandments of Pinball Repair and Maintenance #Infographic #Pinball

Repairing your appraised Pinball Machine could be a challenge. In the first place, it is hard to decide whether to open the machine or not. Understandably, this is because there are a lot of pieces and parts inside this machine that need extra care in handling. A wrong move or using inappropriate tools can break a piece that will only aggravate the problem.

Thus, repairing the machine with proper tools and following correct practices is crucial. As in all kinds of repair job, proper handling with right tools are imperative to achieve the goal. Additionally, prevention is important to minimize the need for repair. Always remember that your machine demands regular maintenance.

If you have decided to unscrew your pinball cabinet, this infographic will greatly help you. Pinball Sales Australia, with its expertise in Pinball Machines summed up 10 must follow instructions to efficiently fix and restore your machine.

An infographic by Pinball Sales Australia.

The Grandeur of Ganesh Festival #Infographic #Ganesh #Festival

Ganesh Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Mumbai. The entire city comes alive with music, decorations, and lights. Unlike other major festivals, Ganesh Festival is celebrated as a public event in this city. Ganesh festival celebrates the homecoming of Lord Ganesh. However, behind this grandeur, there are awe-inspiring facts and numbers. In this infographic, we have tried to showcase those.

Lokmanya Tilak took the initiative to start this festival in Pune in the year 1893 in the Kesari Newspaper office. Later, it began in Mumbai. Mumbai now has five major Ganesh Pandals and their visitors are mentioned in the infographic. Every major pandal in the city is insured and the amount can go up to Rs. 500 CR. In total. Security in the city is increased multi-fold by appointing around 36K security personal pulling up to 30 hours shift.

Around 70,0000 Ganesh idols are produced in and around Mumbai. The immersion procession takes from 12-24 hours depending on the popularity of the pandal. However, the festival also gives rise to pollution – air, noise, and water.

The total turnover of this festival is around 20,000 Cr. And is increasing 30% every year.

An infographic by Impulse Digital.

8 Event Lighting Ideas to Uplift Your Event #Infographic #Event

You can never go wrong when using lighting for your event. The repercussions of your choices will depend mainly on the type of lighting you choose and will affect the overall outcome of your event. Lighting isn’t just used by event planners to brighten up the place; it is also used to leave a lasting impression for your guests.

Event lighting covers many factors for your event: it can direct the attention of your guests; it can further enhance the overall look of your decorations; it can set the scene and affect the mood and ambiance, and it can even add special effects to your event. And to top it all of, playing with lights and finding the right mix for your event is a LOT of fun.

This infographic from Red Damien, a professional lights and sounds provider in the Philippines, will give you a variety of lighting ideas that you can utilize to uplift your event.

An infographic by Red Damien.

Best Superhero Slots #Infographic #Superheroes #SlotGames

Who said superheroes don’t exist? Well, maybe they don’t exist in real life, but this doesn’t mean you cannot meet Superman, Thor, Iron Man or The X-men in the virtual world. For those who always wanted to be on the team that defeats villains and saves the world, the dream came true when Wonder Woman, The Fantastic Four and all their friends joined zzzslots! You will find them in some fascinating slot games and, not only you’ll have an excellent time while playing these slots, but they will also reward you with big prizes. We thought that might be hard for you to search for all the superhero-themed slots on our site and we didn’t want you to miss any of them. Therefore, we included the best online slot game about heroes with superpowers in an article that gives you the possibility to play each one for free with just a click.

Join the best superhero team ever and stop the villains from conquering the world and you’ll get a lot of exciting prizes from these free online slot games that can be found on zzzslots! We guarantee you’ll have tons of fun and if you don’t believe us, just try them yourself!

An infographic by ZZZslots.

Video Games History #Infographic #Gaming

Everybody seems to be in love with video games.

We can have hours and hours of countless gaming sessions and yet, don’t feel bored. But there is one thing that intrigued my mind. How all this started? I mean how games came to be in their present form. For this, I researched a lot on Google and came up with the 4K words+ of Wikipedia pages. That was when I decided that I need to put an infographic.

The purpose of this infographic is to Teach-yet-entertain you. We created this infographic on List Enthusiast so that anyone can understand the whole history of video games in a very easily digestible and visual format. Hope you enjoy it.

An infographic by List Enthusiast.