Hoverboard Safety Tips #infographic #Hoverboard

Hoverboards demand has grown over the past couple of years, and in that time have gotten a bad fame for being dangerous. They are the bad boys of the scooter family. The exact number of incidents involving hoverboards is unknown, but the recent recall of over half a million hoverboards have led many to ask – are hoverboards safe? If you have your heart set on having a safe hoverboarding experience, then follow these guidelines to be incident free.

Hoverboard Safety Tips

An infographic by boardemporium.com.

100 years of National Park Service #infographic #NationalPark #US

On August 25th, the National Park Service will celebrate its 100th anniversary. It’s hard to believe a time when there weren’t any established national parks or monuments in the United States—but there once was a time. It all changed with an Act of Congress, which was then signed by President Woodrow Wilson. As the years passed, different amazing locations were put under the protection of the National Park Service. The last reported recreational visit numbers (which was in 2015) report that 307.2 million people visited national parks, monuments, historical parks/sites, battlefields/military parks, national monuments and other sites. And it makes sense—there are many wonderful places under the National Park System… 410 total sites to be exact.

Want to go explore the wonders of the U.S.? A good place to start is one of the more popular national parks. The top five include: the Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite and Yellowstone. Park locations are scattered all throughout the country. Surprisingly, Delaware is the only state that doesn’t have a national park or monument. Wherever you decide to go, ADT monitoring can help protect your home. Safe travels!

An Infographic by Choose Home Security.

10 Unlikely Events That Actually Happened #infographic #unlikely #stories

Be amazed by 10 incredible stories of unlikely coincidences and chance.

Find out what happened when a young girl called Laura Buxton released a balloon at her grandparents’ Golden Wedding anniversary, be wowed by the man who survived seven lightning strikes and be jealous of the man who won the lottery twice in four months – with the same numbers.

Discover the story of the only woman in history to have been hit by a meteorite and the man who lived through two atomic bombs. All of the stories, facts and figures have been verified across multiple sources and have been illustrated to help bring the tall tales to life.

The improbable is never impossible. Even the most unlikely events are inevitable when given enough chances to occur. Plus, share your own incredible stories of fate and fortune to have them illustrated online in the same way.

An Infographic by Onlinebingo.co.uk.