Travel Insurance Claims

Do you know how many of us travel aboard without insurance? When it claims could you guess how much is paid out a year for medical emergencies? The team at Travel Insurance Quote has put together an informative infographic to answer these questions and more. Travel Insurance Quote presents our Travel Insurance Claims infographic.

An infographic by Travel Insurance Quote.

Top 7 Steps to Getting Qualified For A Mortgage With Bad Credit

There are a lot more steps involved in getting a good home mortgage than merely applying for a home loan. Knowing your credit score, fixing problems on your credit report and research are crucial to getting the best loan – especially when you currently are dealing with a bad credit score. Follow this infographic designed by smartfha and learn about the top 7 steps to getting qualified for a mortgage with bad credit.

An infographic by Smartfha.

Truck Accidents in Houston, Texas

Texas leads the nation in fatal truck accidents. This dubious title has many causes from miles and miles of interstate highways to trucking companies getting corners to save money. If you have been injured in a truck accident in Texas call truck accident lawyers at Baumgartner Law Firm for a consultation.

An infographic by Baumgartner Lawyers .

World Cup Corner Statistics #infographic

The Russia World Cup is already here, and the 32 national teams are doing their best to get to the final. There are many excellent teams, but despite their talent who will get to the end is never a done deal. azBookmakers has gathered information from the last 3 World Cup Tournaments regarding corner stats from the top contenders and summed it up within this infographic. So looking at this data, where would you put your bet?

An infographic by azBookmakers .

Most Expensive Teams in the World Cup 2018

The World Cup has kicked off! Some of the best players in the world are competing for the coveted trophy. But which country has forked out the most cash to fund their, hopeful, winning squad? In this infographic, you can see the top 10 most expensive teams participating in the world cup!

An infographic by TFS Loans.