12-Step Guide to planning for a boat cruise in Melbourne

12-Step Guide to planning for a boat cruise in Melbourne

There’s a lot of incredible places to go if you want to sail in Melbourne river cruises for girls night out. From a few hours trip to Yarra River Cruise in Melbourne to a long and epic Europe Cruise Tour, a boat cruise is always fun and exciting. No matter long or short tour, your well-deserved time off should be the best.

Planning a cruise might be hectic if it’s your first boat cruise trip. It’s essential to do proper research to avoid the last-minute hassle and enjoy a stress-free cruise vacation. The first time travellers should hire an excellent tour operator.

To help you plan your boat cruise in Melbourne, we have put together this 12 steps guide so you can make the most out of your trip:

1. Pick the destination

The first thing you need to do is decide which place you want to visit. If you are in Melbourne, a cruise along the river will be a great option!

2. The weather and the time of the year

Research well about the climate of the place you want to visit. Consider the time of the year you are planning your vacation to select the perfect destination.

3. The length of time

Some cruise trips are 3 hours long, and some are three weeks long. Find a destination that fits your timeframe. The first-time cruisers should opt for a short vacation to learn more about cruise trips and see if they like them.

4. The type of vacation

Another most crucial thing to consider while deciding the place for vacation is the type of holiday you want. Whether it’s for relaxation, adventure or to celebrate some special occasion.

5. With whom are you planning your trip?

The experience will be different depending upon the people you are planning a vacation with. If you are going with your beau, pick a romantic destination, if you are going with friends or family you must select the destination accordingly.

6. Book the tickets

Booking the cruise is not as easy as you think, there are various factors to pay attention to before rushing to book the tickets.

7. Set the budget

Budget is the most critical factor to focus on while travelling. Set an amount of money that you are going to spend on your vacation so that you can make a better plan of activities and options.

8. Find the ideal deal

You may want to look for the cheapest possible tickets but keep in mind that the cheaper fares will have more add-on charges, the expensive tickets are all-inclusive. You can find many good deals and offers by various tour operators. Find the one that gives the best services at the right price.

9. Book the tickets in advance or leave it for last minute:

Booking the ticket in advance or booking in on the final minutes, both has its perks. Cruises start taking the bookings 18 months in advance, booking your tickets in advance will guarantee the availability, this is important if you are travelling in a group or with kids as you don’t want to take any risk. If you are travelling solo, you can book the tickets a week before. You will find short-notice deals and offers.

10. Book online or through an agent:

If you trust yourself and you have enough time, you can research and compare deals online and buy the tickets. However, if you don’t want the stress, book your trip through an experienced travel agent, they will help you find the best deal.

11. Packing for the Cruise

Packing for the cruise tour requires time, there is nothing worse than unpacking your bag and realising you have misses something important.

12. Hand carry is a must

Your large luggage won’t be delivered to your room as soon as you reach the cruise. You must carry a carry-on with all the essential documents, medicines, passports, wallet, swimsuit, a pair of clothes and personal toiletries.

Bonus tip! Don’t over pack

Overpacking clothes can cost you high luggage fees. But you might need lots of clothes as laundry will cost high, to overcome this pack light-weighted clothes and shoes that go well with most of your clothes.

About the Author:
Christian Taylor is a tour & event management specialist with Dreamscape Tours – a company that organises elite Yarra River cruises, Winery Tours, Night Club Tours, Train & Christmas Tour packages in Melbourne.

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