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20 Most Useful Powerpoint Shortcuts

20 Most Useful Powerpoint Shortcuts

Have you ever thought about how much time it takes to copy a text fragment or an image, as well as to insert it? First, you have to move the cursor and select the desired part of the text. Then, click on the right mouse button and choose the necessary option “Copy”. The next step is to move the cursor to the place the copied elements should be inserted. Then, once again click on the right mouse button and choose “Insert”. How much time does the action take? Moreover, think about how many times you do it during one working session on the computer. And just like this action, there are many other useful PowerPoint shortcuts that will save you so much time.

Are you shocked by the amount of wasted time? That is why every user or employee who frequently uses the computer for work (writing, editing, or creating any material) should be aware of the hotkeys that significantly simplify the workflow.

Hotkeys are the combinations of several keys on your PC’s keyboard, which are programmed to take a particular action when pressed simultaneously. For example, “Ctrl+C” is well-known to all users. This hotkey combination is responsible for copying the selected fragment.

Well, now imagine how much time you can save if you do the same action we described at the beginning but using hotkeys. You should only use the cursor to select the text or image. The rest is done with hotkeys.

Thus, such combinations will help save time and make work easier and more effective. Do not neglect them. Check out this infographic where the team at HiSlide.io has put together the 20 most useful PowerPoint shortcuts:

An Infographic by Hislide.io.

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