Which eyelash extension style suits your natural eye shape?

Eyelash extensions aren’t a generic beauty treatment. There are hundreds of combinations of extension lengths, curls and volume options that can be used to create countless styles.

If you find a really good lash salon you’ll begin your appointment with a lash consultation to figure out exactly what you’re looking for, and try to best match that with a style that’ll suit your natural eye and face shape best.

The team at Lash Spa Eyelash Extensions has created this infographic visualizing a simple way to first figure out your natural eye shape, and then pair it with the style of eyelash extensions that will suit you best!

Remember that this lash style is just a starting point and isn’t the style you must choose. There’s a lot to consider when getting your lashes done; such as the condition of your natural lashes and the event they’re for but the style below is a brilliant starting point to your journey of lash perfection.

An infographic by Lash Spa Eyelash Extensions.