Know Your Personality Type To Make Better Career Decisions

Career and education-related decisions are usually driven by parents and peer pressure, which is why you have a lot of working professionals in the country who are stuck in 9-to-5 jobs that they don’t like. According to a recent research, 86% of Indian students are concerned about which subject-stream to choose for higher education, however, 92% of them don’t get any career-related guidance from their schools.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a self-reported questionnaire extensively used by academic and business institutes for educational guidance and career counselling. Using MBTI®, you can identify your personal preferences, values, strengths, potential blind spots, decision-making & learning style, to narrow down options of educational streams best-aligned with your career interests. In today’s world of endless and ever-growing opportunities, MBTI® is the best instrument available for students that ensures promising educational and occupational choices for a rewarding and satisfactory career.

An infographic by VEDATMA.