4 Tips to Swim Faster

4 Tips to Swim Faster

What do you do to swim faster? People often move their arms fasters, but that is one of the biggest misconceptions about swimming speed. There are so many factors that you must consider to enhance your performance at the pool.  No matter what you are – a recreational swimmer or a triathlon addict, here are our top five tips that will help you boost your swimming speed.

Wear comfortable swimwear

The fit and functionality of competitive swimsuit are most important to enhancing your swimming speed. Women’s swimwear for competitions may look simple, but they are engineered to help the swimmers swim faster and the same is for male swimwear – always try to find a competitive swimwear.

While buying swimwear for competition, it’s essential to buy the one with hydrodynamic function. This makes it easier to glide through the water. Look for fabrics made from nylon or spandex as they are lightweight and has a high compression-to-weight ratio.

The hydrophobic material pushes the water away from the swimmer’s body and decreases the drag. Right swimwear reduces drag and keeps you comfortable while you do your job underwater.

Planned Breathing

Breathing comes naturally to us; it is a process that functions without any interruption. But while you are swimming, you need to plan breath to increase the oxygen.

There are two aspects to breathe correctly in swimming: you should be comfortable with your face under the water while swimming, and you should be able to add rhythm to your breathing.

First, you have to learn to keep your face inside water. Keeping your head high will drop your legs and hips, which will create more drag. Once you are capable of keeping your face in the water, you need to know how and when to breathe.

You can also try bilateral breathing. It will help you create and maintain every stroke, which will ultimately improve your swimming mechanics and speed.

Plan your meals

Nutrition plays a vital role when you are in the pool, our body is like a machine, and without fuel, it cannot work.

You should not skip meals, especially when you are looking for maximizing your performance. You should eat nutritious food to recover from the harsh training.

You must eat like a champion to be the champion. You should depend on the training and the event type. Don’t forget to add lots of protein to help your muscle recover. Along with a good meal, drinking lots of water is a must to keep yourself hydrated. After the tiring event, treat yourself with delicious mini desserts, because your body deserves it.

Get good sleep

Getting nervous before the event is normal, you may not sleep well. That’s okay! Not sleeping the night before will not harm your performance but make sure you sleep well in the week leading up to the event.

While we are deep sleep our bodies pump out growth hormones that help us recover from tough exercise. So, enjoy your effortless recovery time and get a sound sleep.

About the author
Christian Taylor, is a sports freak and because of his passion for sports, he also serves as a communication assistant at Engine Swim – leading performance and competitive swimwear manufacturer in Australia.

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