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In the entirety of the business arena, the terms Business Analytics and Business Intelligence are usually interchanged due to a variety of reasons such us business focus, context, point of view, and industry—all of which depend on the person’s background using it. However, the latter is used more often to refer to both terms.

SAP’s Timo Elliott states that business analytics is actually an umbrella term used to point out a particular level of domain knowledge, either vertical or horizontal, along with statistical or predictive analysis. This, then, includes business intelligence, data warehousing, analytics applications, enterprise information management, enterprise performance management, and governance, risk, and compliance.

Then again, business analytics and business intelligence are dissimilar. Knowing the differences between the two is necessary for producing effective results and achieving business objectives, and of course, to finally put an end to everyone’s confusion.

Below is an infographic that sets the two terms apart according to various business aspects.

An infographic by APEX Global.

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