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Great tips to Create a Video for a Special Occasion

Great tips to Create a Video for a Special Occasion

You will never realize how swiftly moments become beloved memories. A few years later, you will reminisce about the old days and cherish those thoughts. If you don’t have something to remind you,  you may forget important details.

You Need Videos to Save Precious Moments

Special occasions like weddings, Christmas get together, Halloween costume parties, birthday cake fights, the first day of school, removing the first milk tooth, the first proposal is all memories everyone will wish to preserve. The best way to do so is by creating a customized video for the occasion. These videos may be short ten-second invitations to hours of high school prom videos.

How to Create a Video for a Special Occasion

Sometimes, even with costly mobile phones, you may not be able to get the proper lighting, or the must-include and most necessary pictures might have some defects. No matter the occasion of the video, you will require a video editor to help you out in creating a perfect re-watchable video. With prices of cameras and smartphones increasing over the years, a free video editor like InVideo can help you create a customized professional video for any special occasion.

How to Make a Video Using Photos

A video editor can help you combine various aspects such as videos, photos, music narration, and text under one platform. You can use a timeline, audio, video and text effects, animation, transition, and templates provided by the video editor.

Usually, a video editor like InVideo has stock pictures and royalty-free music, which you can easily incorporate in your video. Invideo also teaches you how to make a video with photos and music.

How to Create a Video Worthy of the Special Occasion

Anybody can create a video, but special occasions deserve special treatment. You cannot be happy with a badly formatted video of your wedding. Let us look at the ways to create a professional video for a special occasion.

1. Show the Audience a Story

Follow in the footsteps of advertisers and realize how they get you attracted to a product that you had no intention of buying. The key to this tactic is a specially designed storyline to engage viewers and audiences. You can follow the same method in your videos.

A wedding invitation video can be about how you met and got closer to each other and your plans for the future. A Christmas get together or a birthday party can share family bonding, gift unwrapping, and surprises. A Halloween party can be a video with different costumes over the years.

2. Use Pictures That Showcase the Occasion and Amplify the Mood

Surprise your loved ones with special pictures capturing important moments in a time frame and use these pictures to remind them about the glorious time spent together. Photos infused with text messages hitting the right spot of nostalgia can help you to create a video that will last in everyone’s memory. Don’t just use a picture; showcase the story of the occasion with memorable moments.

3. Use Text and Narration

You can use narration to create a video diary of your baby that they can see when they grow up, or use texts to describe the occasion. For happy occasions, don’t forget to be funny. Share your messages via text or narration to give it a personal touch.

4. Use Music

Make the video lively with music for special occasions. For example, Christmas is synonymous with jingling bells, Halloween goes with a creepy tune, and birthdays can have any fun-filled music and usually contains a happy birthday theme. Music can bring life to dull pictures and videos.

5. Use Animation and Templates

If your video editor has predefined templates for the occasion, it can be very helpful to create a video. You can also use custom animation like snowfall for Christmas and manage transitions of different items on the screen.

6. Learn the Software

Video editing can become easier if you just learn the shortcuts of your video editing software along with its tips and tricks and easy fixes. You must also know the right resolution to export the video and focus on software that can work on multiple devices. A software that lags or hangs up might not be the right choice for video editing despite its features, and the vice versa is also true.

Qualities of a Good Video Editor

With many video editors in the market, you may be wondering how to choose the best video editor to suit your needs. Good video editors must have the following features:

1. Easy to Operate

The video editor must be simple in approach and easy to operate, along with all of its features. It must have a timeline that can operate using keyframes, which supports numerous formats to create the video.

2. Templates

Good video editors have templates for every special occasion ranging from birthday parties to weddings. The templates are easy to edit and provide a professional touch to your video with little effort. Video editors also contain a gallery of dedicated stock photos and music for every occasion.

3. Audio, Video, and Text Editing Tools

Good video editors allow you to adjust the volume of different audio channels to help you create an awesome video. They also provide you with video and photo editing tools to add, subtract,  shorten, merge, or even adjust brightness, among other features. They also allow you to edit text font, color, or give the text a glow, and a 3d look.

4. Animation

Good video editors provide tons of readymade animations and features you can add to your video items. You can even generate decent transitions and special effects on your video.

5. Cross-Device Compatibility

Although most people don’t realize it, video editors that are compatible with multiple devices can save you time and help you make important video editing decisions in real-time. They must also provide cross-platform compatibility to upload videos across different channels with the click of a button.


A free video creator can help to create videos that preserve memories in a digital format that do not have a physical form but are packed with emotions. You will require a video editor to prepare a proper video that captures the raw emotion of the moment,  and serve as a reminder for days to come.

Watching your wedding video can help you remember how much you love each other and help to patch things up, or a birthday video can help you realize happy moments. Whatever the case, a video editor can help you relive your precious moments.

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