How Crafting Helped People Cope During the Lockdown

How Crafting Helped People Cope During the Lockdown

This infographic has been created by the team at

During the lock-down they noticed some difference between how their customers were using crafty and creativity products and how they used to do it before.

So they penned a post to help people learn how crafting, art-making, and creativity can help promote positive mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.

When they stumbled upon a trend in their craft-related sales data during the lockdown, they wanted to dig deeper to see if there was a correlation between this increase and people using crafting as a coping mechanism.

They took the most interesting, empirical and experiential data and represented in this infographic. Some of their conclusions and key points highlighted are:

  • Evidence to show that crafting and art-making can improve mental health and reduce stress.
  • An increase in their craft-related product sales over the lockdown period indicating an uptake in creative activity.
  • First-hand accounts from those who used crafting/creativity to cope during the lockdown.

You can learn more about how lockdown is affecting mental health and how crafting can help in their website.

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