How to upgrade and boost yourself for 2020

How to upgrade and boost yourself for 2020

Looking for a new you to start the upcoming decade afresh?

Self-growth is a huge part of that, and you’ll find plenty of such guides and books everywhere. The self-improvement industry in the UK has grown by 20% in 2018 and three million self-help books were sold that year.

So, whether you are focusing on improving your appearance, or you want to learn something new or even move into a new career, you’re on trend to give yourself a little upgrade.

Feeling confident and believing in yourself can help you achieve incredible things.

So, keep reading this article and discover everything you need to know about options for a self-upgrade.

1. A smile says more than a thousand words

A person with a contagious smile is irresistible.

Signaling how optimistic and confident you are as a person, especially at first glance, often derives from your facial expression and body posture. People who openly smile attract people around them with their radiance and ability to make others feel good.

If your teeth are holding you back from smiling confidently, you should start with a consultation with your dentist or orthodontist. Perfectly shaped and coloured teeth will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. So, in case your teeth are crooked or stained, you will require orthodontic or dental treatment for this problem.

Having straight teeth doesn’t just improve your confidence, but is also crucial for your dental health.

Once you finalize your teeth straightening treatment, you will be able to clean them more thoroughly. After you have taken your dental braces off, you can also opt for teeth whitening to get that Hollywood smile. In North London, Angel Smile and Angel Orthodontics can deliver such treatments to perfection and all in one place for your convenience.

After these treatments you’ll be addicted to your own smile when looking in the mirror and loving yourself is key to happiness.

2. Glowing skin makes you shine

Looking good has a knock-on effect.

Radiant looking skin is one of the elements of your physical appearance that can make you feel extremely confident. A fulfilled person will have a glowing complexion and transmit satisfaction through all their pores.

If you have read some of the top self-improvement books, you will realize that taking care of your body is recommended in most of them. Nurturing your skin and making it firmer provides a feel-good factor.

Ways to achieve this are booking regular massage sessions or facial skin treatments, and beauty and dental specialists at Muswell Hill Smile offer free consultations on a variety of techniques to help you reduce wrinkles and retain a young appearance.

Plumping your lips for more volume is another option as a person with full lips attracts more attention. Just look at how successful Kylie Jenner is with her lipstick line after having her lips enlarged.

So, boosting your self-esteem can happen in many different ways.

3. Bespoke jewellery for a unique you

It’s not hard to imagine how celebrities feel when they boast their extraordinary jewellery pieces that jewellery designers have hand-crafted for them. Most people are surprised to learn that bespoke jewellery doesn’t have to cost the world. A lifetime investment, making anyone feel special, can start from as little as £200 believe it or not and you can see this by visiting top Hatton Garden jewellers Ovadia, who individualize any piece of jewellery from diamond rings to pearl earrings.

A personalized ring or pair of diamond earrings underlines your personality and makes a fashion statement at the same time. Furthermore, you will create a piece of jewellery according to your likes and characteristics.

You can also add details from pieces you inherited from your family. Wearing something nobody else has will fill you with confidence and get you the attention you might be looking for.

4. Exercising regularly for more energy

A daily exercise routine will not only make you look good but also feel pumped. During physical activities, you release endorphin, also known as the “hormone of happiness”, which boosts your confidence and satisfaction.

Boasting a fit and active body will help improve how you feel about yourself. Being energized will allow you to focus on many other tasks and achieve more. While working out, you will also reduce the stress you are exposed to at work or in general. A win-win situation!

5. Self-learning for a smarter you

You might be considering a new career path or new challenges in your personal life to boost your confidence and self-believe. In this day and time you’ll find plenty of opportunities to learn new skills online or creating online courses for others to share your fantastic skills.

Exposing yourself to a new challenge will stimulate new ideas within you. You will grow mentally and surprise yourself with how much you can achieve. In return, you’ll boost your self-esteem and new opportunities certainly will come your way.

6. Upgrade yourself your own way

Now that you know what self-improvement entails and some of the way you can achieve it, it is time for action.

Boosting self-confidence and growth is not a process which can happen miraculously. The first step is to really want to bring about change with a strong desire to become better. It entails hard work with a consistent routine, discipline and being resourceful.  But thankfully you have options, as mentioned above, to make this self-improvement journey slightly easier.

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