Keurig Facts & Statistics

Keurig Facts & Statistics

Keurig is a coffee brewing system for home and commercial use. A K-Cup is a coffee that is sealed in some cartridge, generally a plastic cup. They have a round plastic ring, and they are covered with a foil top. All of them are lined with a filter material inside the capsule, what keeps the coffee contained while brewing.

There is a psychological phenomenon, “The person who drinks coffee is possible consumers acquire a taste for or an ability to detect caffeine given the learned positive reinforcement elicited by caffeine.”

The history of the single-serve coffee, which is commonly known as K-Cup container, goes back well before Keurig K-Cup packs were invented. There are different Keurig-branded brewer models for home use and also for commercial use. The key advantages of K-Cups include the affordable, that it brews a perfectly acceptable cup, highly convenient, self-contained capsules and also an impressive selection of blends, varietals, and flavoured coffees

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