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Must have digital skills in the future job market

Must have digital skills in the future job market

Do you know which skills employers and businesses are looking for these days? As we are entering into the fourth industrial revolution, also known as I4, job roles and work demands are changing rapidly with technology such as AI, 3D Printing, robotics, cloud computing or augmented reality leading to more work online, creating various online jobs, remote working jobs and work from home jobs.

Internet jobs are on the rise across the world as recent research shows with at least 76% of people earning their income by working from home. The benefits are clear: Convenience, more time due to fewer commute hours, flexible work hours for an improved work-life balance. To be attractive in the current and future job market, digital skills are expected as a basic skill set by many. Find out about the most sought after digital skills to learn with SeekaHost University, your top digital marketing eLearning platform and invest in a prosperous future.

An Infographic by SeekaHost University.

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