Do Smartphones Steal Childhoods?

Raising a child in the cyber-centric age that we are in, brings with it a whole host of debates to be had. At what age should children get a mobile phone? Should mobiles be allowed or used in schools? How much time is spent on them?

loveit coverit have created an ongoing wide-scale campaign that looks into the impact that smartphones have on our everyday life. One aspect of the project investigates the positive and negative effects that mobile phones have on childhoods, and discusses topics like cyberbullying, school policies and the role that charities and the authorities play. The campaign features interviews and quotations from a secondary school headteacher, a representative from the charity Childnet, a psychologist and an editor from a teaching magazine. This infographic summarises findings from our independent research which surveys parents across the UK and demonstrates the primary concerns of parents, how they monitor their children’s phone usage and at what age they would give their child a phone.

An infographic by loveit coverit

Social Commerce Statistics

Social commerce is taking center stage as the e-commerce industry continues its impressive growth. Posting year over year increases of 14% in revenue, including a record-setting Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend in 2018. Today’s shopper is more aware and wants a personalized shopping experience. That’s why social media sites like Facebook have one of the highest conversion values in the industry. Use the tips offered in this infographic to prime your site for stronger social sales, while learning about relevant social commerce statistics for 2019 that you can use to improve your social presence, create better branding, and engage with your customers like never before.

An infographic by Ready Cloud CRM.

Can Research Paper For Sale Be A Stable Job?

When you hear the phrase “research paper for sale“, the first thing that would come to your mind is freelancing part-time for some extra cash. However, with the right information, you can have a stable, full-time job as a freelance research writer. Statistics show that part-time writers make between $24,000 to $115,000 annually while full-time writers earn between $124,800 and $145,500 yearly.

Understanding The Numbers

If you’re trying to establish yourself as a full-time writer who offers a research paper for sale, you need to know the numbers. After all, to quit your regular job, you need to know what you’re going to be up against. When it comes to research writing, earnings vary. Many factors influence how much you’ll earn per paper. However, the most significant factor is the niche. What type of research paper do you intend to offer? Medical, technical, or financial? If you’re a financial research writer, BLS states that you can earn up to $86,140 annually if you’re into it full time. Technical research writers earn up to $113,810 yearly. Also, according to the Editorial Freelancers Association, a writer who works for 40 hours a week can earn between $124, 800 to $145,500 per year.

How To Start

Now that you’ve seen how much you can make from selling research papers, it’s time to start. Many platforms offer research writers an opportunity to promote their services. For example, on Fiverr, all you have to do is create an account and set up a gig. The title of your gig can be “research paper for sale”. People who need your services will find you and start conversations with you about what they want. There are other platforms you can join like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc. These are all gig platforms that help you showcase your services. While these platforms may help you build your client base, they all charge commissions for their services. Also, you may not get the best deals all the time. This is why building an online presence as a research writer is important.

Building a reputation online as a research writer is not going to be easy. It’s going to take time, effort and consistency. However, when you have established yourself, the reward would be worth it. The first thing you need to do when you’re trying to build your brand is to develop a website. Hire the services of a web developer to build a fully functional website with a good user interface and design. On the website, you should have details of your services. Tell your prospective clients about yourself. There are many others who offer the same services you offer. So, the content of your website may help them decide whether they should hire you or not. On your website, you should also have a blog section that would be full of informative articles. It shouldn’t always be about pitching your services. You should offer valuable, high-quality content to your audience.

After you have created your website, promote it on social media. There are billions of people on social media who need the services you offer. So, don’t underestimate it. If possible, keep some money aside for social media marketing. This would help you build a client base. Ask your clients to give you feedback and make these feedbacks visible on social media. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll get a lot of referrals from satisfied clients.

Bottom Line

Research writing is often viewed as a part-time job, but as you can see from this article, you can make it your full-time job. You can make thousands of dollars yearly by writing for people who need help with paper. Joining the online gig market as well as creating and promoting your website will help you showcase your services to the world.

Could Brexit Change Where You Ski?

The split between the UK and the EU is now on the horizon and there could be a lot of changes in the coming years.

However, skiers, snowboarders and other winter enthusiasts could well benefit from this. An infographic about how Brexit could change where you ski highlights how skiing in Canada could now be a better option than skiing in destinations across Europe, the US and New Zealand.

As you will see from this infographic by Canadian Affair it compares things such as the price of lunch on the slopes, the average snowfall, the average length of the ski season, the cost of a ski pass, the average yearly skier visit other activities you can try on a ski holiday.

Canada is already a popular destination for winter holidays and now it could become an even more popular ski destination after Brexit. So rather than some of the resorts in Europe, you could be testing your skiing skills at the likes of Banff Sunshine Village, Tremblant, Mount Norquay and the Sun Peaks.

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Infographic by Canadian Affair.