Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect #Infographic #Abuse

You may have a friend or family member presently dwelling in a nursing home—a place you have put your trust into to watch over your relative. Tragically, there are times when nursing homes manhandle and disregard what happens, and when it does, it is obliterating to the casualty, as well as the family too. We need you to know about the indications of senior mishandle as well as approaches to secure your cherished one against manhandle and disregard to keep these events from taking place.

These are some approaches you can take to secure your friends and family against mishandle: make visits (some unannounced), document every important circumstance that happens inside the nursing home, attend gatherings that consider the care of your cherished one, talk with your adored one straightforwardly and chat with other nursing home inhabitants to get the big picture…

And if the worst happens, file protestations and report manhandle to social administrations and police. That way you can contribute for it not to happen again to another person.

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The Impact of an Addicted Parent #infographic #drugaddiction

The struggle of living with a parent who suffers from addiction is all too real. Did you know that 8.3 million children live in a home with a parent who suffers from addiction? That is 12% of all children in the US.

The impact living with an addicted parent has on a child is debated. But statistics show that children raised in a household where one or more parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol face higher levels of conflict, have markedly higher rates of mental and physical health issues, and ultimately are more likely to end up suffering from their own addiction in adulthood.

This infographic delves further into this topic sharing some of the sad truths about children living with addicted parents, signs to look for in children who may be struggling, and how you can help.

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Effects of Drug Abuse in the US #infographic #Drug #US

Substance Abuse Epidemic is a serious problem that is growing each day in the USA. Substance Abuse does not include only illegal drugs, but also, consuming illegal substances such as alcohol and prescription drugs. Abusing of such drugs could lead to uncontrollable desire to intake drugs or other substances leading to symptoms such as lack of interest in pursuing a better life, increase in tolerance, and withdrawal. Read some disturbing facts about Substance Abuse:

  • In 2012, there were 33,175 drug overdose deaths (unintentional); 53% of those deaths were linked to prescription drug use
  • 72% of deaths attributable to prescription drugs were related to opioid medications
  • 88,000 people die each year due to alcohol-related causes

Rise in Demand for Substance Abuse Counselors

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