Banquet Table Sizes #Infographic #Event

This infographic answers a common question in the special events business about different sizes of banquet tables as well as how many people can be seated at a banquet table. That is perhaps the most common question, because event planners and individuals putting on feasts need to make plans for space arrangements, rent tables or book a venue based on the tables they have available.

This information can be found on the internet, but only in paragraph form or difficult to read charts. Our infographic provides a quick reference for anyone hosting an event to know how many people will be seated at any banquet table size and shape, allowing for efficient and imaginative use of space. This infographic not only includes the most common sizes of banquet tables, but some of the harder to find sizes and shapes available. This is particularly useful when someone is looking to purchase tables for their event venue or is planning a wedding. Our goal in creating this was to provide a handy, fast resource for anyone making event plans.

An infographic by Events Table.

10 Straightforward Tips for A Successful Product Launch #Infographic #ProductLaunch

Planning out for a product launch can be a struggle. It is a very crucial event; that’s why you give extra attention and detail as to how it should turn out. This is just normal, as the event itself is as important as the product to be introduced to the market. In the sea of competitors and industry experts, it is only imperative that you show your best!

If it is a real hard struggle for your business to pull a successful product launch; if you do not know where to start and how to execute what you’ve planned out, M2Live can help you get through with all these. With its expertise in corporate events management and long experience in product launches, M2Live gives you 10 straightforward tips to pull a successful product launch.

Learn more straightforward tips to have a successful product launch in this infographic.

An infographic by M2Live.

8 Event Lighting Ideas to Uplift Your Event #Infographic #Event

You can never go wrong when using lighting for your event. The repercussions of your choices will depend mainly on the type of lighting you choose and will affect the overall outcome of your event. Lighting isn’t just used by event planners to brighten up the place; it is also used to leave a lasting impression for your guests.

Event lighting covers many factors for your event: it can direct the attention of your guests; it can further enhance the overall look of your decorations; it can set the scene and affect the mood and ambiance, and it can even add special effects to your event. And to top it all of, playing with lights and finding the right mix for your event is a LOT of fun.

This infographic from Red Damien, a professional lights and sounds provider in the Philippines, will give you a variety of lighting ideas that you can utilize to uplift your event.

An infographic by Red Damien.