Oodles of Noodles and So Much More – A Guide to Japanese Food #infographic

Japanese cuisine is very popular around the world, especially in the Western hemisphere. In the last decade, there has been an increase in the interest for Japanese culture, technology, and food. So if you are one of the people who love everything this country has to offer, you should know what and how to eat on your next visit.

From the staples of Japanese cuisine such as noodles and sushi to other street food dishes or even desserts and drinks, this guide by Wendy Wu Tours perfectly explains everything you need to know. For example, where you aware that the average Japanese person eats 45 packs of instant ramen per year? Or do you know why the different types of sushi have the names they do?

After taking a look at this infographic, you will feel like an emperor when eating mochi, and you’ll know the history behind some of the most famous Japanese dishes. Just remember to eat and enjoy all your food to show your chef that you loved the meal!

An infographic by Wendy Wu Tours .

Healthy Benefits of Drinking Tea #infographic #tea #health

Did you know that tea is considered the most widely consumed beverage in the world for its health benefits? Infusions were first consumed in China as a medicine but later it became common all over the world not only for its taste but also for health its impressive benefits. It has been found that consumption of 3 cups of tea per day reduces the risk of stroke by 21 percent.

General health benefits of tea include the reduction in coronary heart disease, reduction in cardiac death, drop in total mortality, reduction in cerebral infarction, among others. Moreover, green tea, herbal tea, and black tea have their own health benefits. Green tea prevents neurological disorders, clogging of arteries, diabetes, cancer, ageing… Black tea reduces the risk of stroke, kidney stones. Black tea facilitates normal blood pressure and manage diabetes. Herbal tea improves sleeping, digestion, and kidney functions.

An Infographic by Blue Banyan.