Why Print Matters in 2019

What is the role of print media in the digital age? Does it even matter in today’s Internet-centric world? Surprisingly, yes, it does.

Print matters in the digital age and even more in some cases it remains the number one channel for connecting with your customers and transmitting your marketing messages in the right and the most effective way. This might sound bizarre, but it is a fact.

Well, it is true that the Internet has greatly changed the world and our lives. But it did not change everything. Life outside the Internet still exists (yet) and it is real. It is happening now, as you read this text.

People still enjoy interacting with traditional mediums including print. Newspapers, magazines, catalogues and other types of traditional media are still around, and they still reach customers. Print works and out-competes digital when it comes to emotions, feelings, and visuals.

How? This data-rich infographic explains everything in detail.

An infographic by Cash4Toners.