Top 7 Steps to Getting Qualified For A Mortgage With Bad Credit

There are a lot more steps involved in getting a good home mortgage than merely applying for a home loan. Knowing your credit score, fixing problems on your credit report and research are crucial to getting the best loan – especially when you currently are dealing with a bad credit score. Follow this infographic designed by smartfha and learn about the top 7 steps to getting qualified for a mortgage with bad credit.

An infographic by Smartfha.

How to Compare Real Estate Agents #infographic

Finding the right real estate agent to help you sell or lease your property is not an easy job. Making the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars and hours of a frustration and stress. To make this process smoother and enjoyable it is important to pick the right person. But you probably don’t know many estate agents or friends who could recommend them so how can you make sure you ahve found the right one?

The real estate experts at Bricks+Agent have put together this infographic to help you choose the right agent. Just follow these five simple steps and save money and stress when selling or leasing your property.


An infographic by Bricks+Agent.