Understanding the Stages of Your Sales Funnel #Infographic #Funnel

It is imperative for all business ventures to define their goals before anything else such that having a well-planned strategy must always be on top of any business process. However, achieving this requires knowing your market first. This is where a sales funnel comes in.

A sales funnel should always be present in any business process, as it acts as a guide in tracing the conversion process in a very systematic and reasonable manner. To determine the stages of your sales funnel and get a full understanding of each give you the opportunity to know your consumers more, as well as enable you to create strategies that would best fit each part of the funnel.

In this way, you could maximize every stage and come up with strategies that would most likely work for your customers, and at the same time, minimize the efforts and costs for it. Learn more and explore the stages of your sales funnel, as well as how to maximize each with this infographic to step up those conversion rates!

An infographic by PureB2B.

6 Ways to Build a World Class Sales Development (SDR) Team #Infographic #SDR

Contacting and qualifying leads to arrange a demo or meeting is vital to most organizations. These Sales Development Reps are the lifeblood of a company ensuring a constant stream of new and qualified leads for you and your sales team to sell to.

An SDR’s core activities usually involve cold outreach to potential prospects. Either by phone or email. Or taking leads from your inbound channel.

They then must qualify the lead and try and set an appointment or introductory meeting with the next level of sales, usually an account executive (AE).

But the question every company starts with is how many calls or emails should an SDR be working through, what type of conversion should you expect and how should an SDR be compensated.

The Bridge Groups surveyed over 350 leading companies to answer these questions and other key issues like hiring and onboarding.

An infographic by OnePageCRM.

How to Rock Your Back-To-School Sales & Marketing #infographic #backtoschool

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…well, for summer-weary parents at least. The first day of school is just around the corner. And while kids everywhere are dreading the end of their summer vacations, retailers are also welcoming the season with open arms.

Ahh yes, now that it’s August, it’s safe to say the back-to-school shopping season is in full swing, bringing with it an anticipated $828 billion in sales. To make that number a little more digestible, that boils down to about $606 in spending per family. Then multiply that by the more than 50 million kids currently enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school in the U.S. and you can see how this equation turns into a tremendous opportunity for brands.

So how can you tap into some of this spending? This infographic from The Shelf breaks down a few of those details so that your brand can make the most of this shopping frenzy.

An infographic by The Shelf