Open Your Eyes Not Your Wallet #Infographic #LASIK

This infographic compares the prices between LASIK eye surgery and contact lenses, as well as the average age of contact wearers and benefits of each option to inform readers on their choices for improved vision. From covering the average age of contact lens wearers, replacement frequency, and average cost per year, this infographic illustrates how long it will take for contact lens costs to equal the investment of LASIK eye surgery. Created by Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center, this resource will help those who are interested in exploring their options for better vision and which route might be best suited for them.

An infographic by Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center.

10-minute guide to Knee Replacement #Infographic #Arthritis

When a person has end-stage arthritis of the knee, a condition where bones begin to rub on each other, mobility can become extremely painful. In such cases, knee replacement surgery remains the only option that can bring back the quality of life and a pain-free existence. Knee replacement procedure has evolved significantly over several decades and has now become a relatively risk-free surgical procedure. New techniques and implants are enabling a near-perfect knee motion vis-à-vis the natural knee movement. Different types of implants exist that give a much greater range of motion and stability to the knee. Advances in materials used for implants promise a longer shelf-life of the artificial knee, thus avoiding the need for a revision surgery. With ever increasing disease and disability burden due to orthopedic ailments such as arthritis, knee replacement procedure can be the savior. Here’s an infographic that shows how Knee Replacement has evolved over the years, major techniques used and other useful information about the procedure.

An infographic by Healthclues.