The Rise Of The Winter Wedding #Infographic #Wedding #Winter

Winter weddings are quickly becoming a popular choice for couples to be the best time of the year to get married. We found that November 2016 was the most popular month for searches on Google since records began 12 years ago!

Our research concluded that there are many factors which could be contributing to this rise. Firstly, we found that a winter wedding is far more popular than any other season regarding average monthly searches on Google and also that more people are searching for winter wedding related themes such as a winter wedding dress, winter wedding ideas, and winter wedding flowers were for any other season.

The same findings can also be transpired around the world, as you can see in the infographic cities like Dublin, Toronto and Sydney ranked high for searching for winter weddings

Could the rise also be down to the cheaper costs or a celebrity influence?

An infographic by Jigsaw Marquees.

Essential Guide to Your Winter Skin Care Transition #Infographic #Skin

Winter is a lovely season that perfectly matches the Holidays. But along with the merry-makings and cheer that you feel around you are the personal dilemmas that you may already be experiencing; particularly those that concern beauty and your skin.

It is during an icy and freezing weather condition when the skin is at its worst state. Moisture is easily lost during winter and may leave you with a skin that is dull, lifeless, and dry. And definitely, this is not how you want your skin to look especially at a time when you will be attending gatherings and celebrations.

However, instead of dwelling on the situation, there are remedies that you can do to provide the best treatment for your skin. The weather may be harsh and there are elements that can ravage your skin, but there are solutions that can give you the skin that you dream of having.

To guide you further, here’s an infographic from that shares some useful tips and advice to a successful winter skin care transition.

An infographic by Alyaka.

Myths and Legends of Winter #Infographic #Mythology

In ages past, our ancestors invented stories, creatures, gods and goddesses to explain the natural phenomenon around us. There were gods of the sun, the harvest, of death and, of course, of winter. That’s what this infographic is all about!

Our myths and legends about winter are some of our most fascinating. Despite the brutality that winter has presented to humanity as a species, the myths surrounding it are surprisingly pleasant. They’re kind of like a warm feeling in your belly, warding off the cold cruelty of reality. It’s a shame that these myths don’t get much exposure anymore.

Everyone knows about Santa Claus, but how many people know about his Russian counterpart, Ded Moroz, who used to be a warlock of winter before becoming the Russian version of Santa Claus? Or the mischievous Yule Lads, who were terrifying in their original myths, but have become more like beloved pranksters as time goes on? There are more recent examples of winter stories, too, like “Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter,” or Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.”

Take a look at some favorite stories all about winter, and get into the spirit of the season!

An infographic by MJJ Sales.