The most popular puzzle brand in each state

The most popular puzzle brand in each state

Jigsaw puzzles are a classic educational toy that’s loved by both kids and adults. It’s a great tool for enjoying your time while being stuck at home during the current pandemic. Puzzles also has many health benefits such as reducing your stress levels and improving the concentration.

There are many puzzle brands in the United States to choose from. But each state will probably have one that’s the most popular. The below infographic map was created to provide that information. The data presented on the map are based on the search volumes from Google.

Four puzzle brands that seem to be the top choice in at least one state include Bits and Pieces, White Mountain, Dowdle and Ravensburger.

The US map shows that 70% of the states have Bits & Pieces as their most popular puzzle brand. Ravensburger is focused mostly in the West while White Mountain is the top choice in the very North East.

Check out this infographic by Premium Joy to find out more.

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