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What is a DashCam and why do you need one

What is a DashCam and why do you need one

Trucking and logistics can be a stressful job. The last thing you need in this mix is the burden of the notorious insurance companies. Running a full-fledged business of these types requires you to keep a check on a lot of moving parts. In such a scenario, having records of all activities and events helps to keep a check once value addition that can help is a dashcam.

We often start by thinking of any investment as money spent. Sometimes small investments can go a long way in giving better returns. These might be monetary returns, but they will help establish a better work environment, which in-turn bears better results for your company.

What Is A DashCam?

A DashCam is an electronic device that can be placed in a vehicle that will record the movements through GPS tracking and high-definition camera technology. These are small devices that are placed on the front panel of the dashboard. In the most basic format, these will record all actions around it and keep the information stored on a cloud or an internal memory.

These cameras come in multiple variations. They can be single-sided or two-sided. A single-sided camera will only monitor the road ahead. This will record on-road movement and can keep a record of any incidents that might take place on the course.

The two-sided cameras have lenses on both sides. A second lens is facing the driver’s cabinet to keep a check on the behavior of the driver.

Some smart integrations also give these cameras a superior edge. They can be integrated with senses and alarms. Some cameras automatically identify any unsafe driving using motion senses and calculate the course of actions or give warning.

These can also be used as a scorecard for the driver for the internal scrutiny from the company. It helps assist the driver with real-time information.

Cameras that are integrated with artificial intelligence can do advanced computations. They can calculate the distance between the vehicles on the road and also notify the driver about blind spots and objects on the path. They are more than just recording and decided they are wholesome co-pilots to the driver.

The information can also be saved for training and quality assurance; the information recorded is collected in video footage and analytics. The electronic data can be seen on a dashboard, which will provide insights on the driver and mark any red-flags if they may arise. This is a helpful tool to make driving a safer profession. 

How Does It Help With Insurance? 

If you are ever in a situation where your vehicle has an unforeseen incident, then the footage from the dashcam can help make your case stronger. In the case of the negligent driving of others, you need not be penalized.

The videos for the camera will act as concrete proof for your side of the story. Simply owning footage of the incident will help expedite the insurance process.

Would the camera see any damage in the accent? Then what? Well, most top-end cameras do not just store the information on its internal memory. The data is, in real-time, uploaded on a secure cloud-based network.

This allows you to gain access to the footage, and the driver information from not just a while back also stores an archive of information. Cloud-bases systems also have very little chance of memory corruption and are protected by many layers of firewalls and encryptions.

Have you ever been in a situation where the insurance company is out to scam you? If you get entangled in the web of insurance fraud, then law enforcement will be able to help you better based on the data from the dashcam. Your insurance lawyers will also be able to make a better case when they have more information to play with.

Often insurance claims are not just from road accidents; they can also be a result of natural disasters or natural incidents. While your vehicle is at a halt, these cameras are still set up to run. If you are parking your truck in rest stops or holding docks — this camera can work like a surveillance device. 

Is It Worth The Investment?

The use once can extract from a dashcam with regard to insurance is quite wholesome. For starters, the annual cost of insurance is much lower if your trucks are equipped with a camera.

In fact, if you really want to make an investment into your business to keep your drivers out of trouble and also improve the overall efficiency of the operations, fleet software will go a long way.

Owning a camera gives the insurance company a viable reason to reduce costs as there will always be a log of your movements. While this might seem like an investment at first, you will see an instant return on investment with insurance premiums. 

A small investment in a camera or the software for a truck can be an essential factor in better driving. While a driver is not worried about an incident and its repercussions, they drive more confidently. Also, the sense of being watched will install a sense of discipline and an enhanced work ethic in the drivers.

Think of these cameras as a small investment in peace of mind; you need not be worried about their constant movement. You can remotely track their whereabouts and make effective changes to the system if you see any discomfort. And can we really put a price on peace of mind?

In Conclusion

If you are new in the business of trucking and logistics, then this is a sure addition to consider. Cameras cost very little and help shape your business.

Not just with tracking and safety, but they will also give you meaningful insights about the movements. It will help you plan your routes better, enhance existing systems, and turn over better returns. 

Many look at truckers as an essential part of this network. Their safety and comfort is the most critical factor in running a successful business. If your support system is reliable, the company will flourish for sure.

Minor technological advancements like these will help keep your whole network in check. And thus, dash cams are the easiest way for you to save on insurance and the many hidden costs that come with it.

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